Friday, May 2, 2008


California has been good for me so far- other than the fact I feel like I am missing out on a lot back home. C'est la vie.

Our apartment is a great deal smaller than the house back in UT so it's been a bit of an adjustment.

Honestly- it's better.
At least for me.
I feel more inclined to keep it clean because the moment it gets a bit untidy the place will shrink in size. Hah. I have no idea if that made sense, but I don't mind... so neither should you.

(I copy

-Trevor is getting along great. He has become more comfortable around new people.
-I have worked out, gotten out, and stayed active. I have even been to the dog park.
-I am making a little money, so I can help out with the bills.

-Vince is acting weird. He will pace, give me puppy dog eyes, pace, BEG, and whine. He has never begged before, and whined very rarely. Now he will be lay at my feet and whine.
-I am making very little money.
-We are on the 2nd floor of the apt. complex. Ick.
-I have to wipe out my computer :( Stupid viruses.

Well, there are an abundance of people in the office now- so I am distracted.

More blog later. Maybe.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Workin' Tomorrow...

Yep. I start work tomorrow. I am fairly excited. I know the job is easy- I really like the other girl (who I won't really work with, but it's always nice to LIKE the people in the office)- and I can have Tman with me while I work.

I am happy that I can help bring in the dough. For sho.

Here are a few fun pictures from the BBQ initiating the summer...

Brusha brusha brusha

Day of rest

Not so much ;0).

I have officially started our laundry (in the teeeeeeny washer and dryer), finished putting our clothes away that we brought with us, straightened the kitchen, and organized.

Woohoo! I have found our mailbox, dumpster, and dog area (thankfully right below our apt.).

As I sit here and type, Trevor is sitting amongst his toys making Buzz fly around, and Nathan is sitting on the couch behind him playing a video game.

It's a good day.

Too bad tomorrow starts the working summer, where I will barely see my hubby- but it will be worth it.

::high five::

Time to go play!