Saturday, July 16, 2011

It's 8:45pm & I'm drinking chai...

Trevor just called :)  It's so fun talking to him on the phone.  Half the time I can't understand what he is saying (I don't have the best hearing on the phone for some reason but everywhere else it's fine...).  He always tells me he loves me forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever (and so on)...oh too many cute words to say about him.  I'll stop for now and see how far I can get on another topic.

We'll talk about something I've experienced twice in the last three years instead.  Though it's not adorable and awe-worthy, here we go anyway: Complete diet change.

Three years ago, in February, I became a vegetarian to improve digestion (it worked!!), and July 1 this year I have chosen to try a gluten-free diet for various reasons.  My goal is three months, in hopes it'll help me stay healthy and energetic in this upcoming busy/stressful time of year.  There may not be anything more physically important than being aware of what we put in our bodies... it doesn't all have to be good, just know what it does to ya, and how to make sure you body bounces back to homeostasis.   Oh sheesh, I'm rambling.

The point of that statement is I've been about 95% successful in this diet change.  There were a few things I ate before considering the fact it may contain gluten.... and a few things I just wanted to eat.  Oh I know, I certainly shouldn't cheat this, but thankfully I'm not allergic-we are purely experimental at this point. It must be said the specialty foods are more expensive but so far the switch has been well worth the money.  Finding new challenges, trying new things, and being healthy... can't find the bad in that. :)

Trevor is five now.  He starts kindergarten on Aug 3rd, which I've booked a turn around flight for.  Had the circumstances been a little different I'd probably be researching the school, talking to teacher(s), preparing Trevor, that sort of thing... but there's no way to know for sure.  It's all in my imagination at this point.  I've been trying to do as much as I can, and I know (KNOW) there is more I could be doing... but... but....

You know the drill.  I've done my best. The world is full of crud and bad things happen and people forget how to get along with each other, or can't/won't get along with each other... or life (i.e. MONEY >:\) gets in the way...

We will be in California soon.  No matter what.  Not as soon as we had hoped, but it is happening.  We want to make sure we leave no loose ends here in Utah, be prepared for the move.  I guess you could say we're trying to be mature and grown up about it.  We laugh a lot through this stressful time, make all the time "quality time", so I believe things will work out for the best.

Thanks for tuning in.... oh and did you notice how I went right back to Trevor there?  Happens, when you're in love that is.

And I certainly am in love!