Thursday, December 8, 2011

Hello 100!!

Well, I officially have 100 followers!

The original intention of this blog was to vent about life (about 5 years ago). Then, as I grew up a bit it evolved into a more useful purpose...

To spread and share positivity through life's challenges and adventures.

Every once in a while the vent sessions still occur (like the last few weeks), but we are all human- it happens.

Thank you readers (and those who comment) for sharing your time with me and the ramblings that occur.

Sometimes I rhyme.

Sometimes I whine.

But mostly- I just wanna spread the love.

Is it working?

Oh, and how appropriate this event occurs on a full moon.

Peace be with you all... And thank you again.

Back I go to the beautifully difficult journey.


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Well, we officially got booted out of our place. I guess kicking their dogs and being a bully to their daughter was out of the question.

I hope you sense the sarcasm.

But seriously, this has been a ridiculous situation from the start... And I have to laugh at the fact the *ahem* less than favorable woman took so long to tell us to leave.

I wish I could justify her actions, make it seem like sound judgment was used, but when the three people in the house that form some sort of family all behave like they're children- I'd rather not live with them anyway.

The woman gets all her intel from her 11 year old daughter and preteen friend. Being a mother I can understand how she would want her daughter to feel comfortable, especially when the parents work so much. But honestly, she is 11, and a spoiled brat. It could have been one thing we did or said that she didn't like turning into her "misconstruing" the truth. Making us the bad guys about everything.  When theoretically any real adults would have been able to discuss the situation and work it out.  I'm no expert, and not one to place blame... Though in this case, I'm sure these people haven't liked us from day one (right after we gave the deposit and signed the lease she told us we can't use their washer and dryer which I calmly, though sternly, claimed that would have been helpful information before we signed the lease).

I could sit here and list the shit (excuse my language I should probably wait to write this when the steam has stopped exiting my ears) that has happened in the thirty something days we've lived here, but what would be the point of that.  Well, I guess it would be pretty funny, but I'm trying my best to be mature. At any rate I suppose I'm trying to be nice.

So this morning I get a knock on our door, waking me from my nice warm slumber. I ignore it.

Knock again. Ignore.

Knock again. Ugh.

She starts blathering on about me kicking her dogs and it takes me a moment to catch up seeing as she woke me.

Kicked your dogs? I mean really? I gently scoot them out of the kitchen (where supposedly they're not allowed but somehow always seem to be in there anyway) with my foot. Kicking requires a swift and forceful motion. Last time I checked, I'm a certified positive reinforcement trainer and kicking animals isn't really a part of my regimen. I don't appreciate being accused of cruelty. As for Matt being a bully, well, he can be dry, but certainly would never be a bully. Unless you're his little brother.  Nine times out of ten we don't say anything to anyone when we mill about the kitchen.

Seriously, the woman is taking, whole-heartedly & blindly, her daughter's word.  I laughed in her face, at our door, when she told me about all this. Apparently it wasn't funny, but I couldn't help myself. I'm a dog kicking woman dating a bully, we find it hilarious when people discover who we really are.



I'm a bit sharp this morning if you couldn't tell. Oh, and also she said it wasn't right when I asked her daughter, "Where are you hiding the toilet paper?"

First, didn't say those words. Second, why should I even have to ask something like that? Maybe because I thought we were all being kind adults, switching off filling in the toilet paper rolls, and when it was their turn this time around they left it empty for days... (I saw tp in the cabinet & trash so point-in-case: they weren't sharing anymore for some unknown reason).

What I DID say and do was walk into the kitchen to grab napkins for performing tp duties, casually passing daughter, "Hey you guys have any toilet paper hiding around here? We are all out. :chuckle:"

The bully situation, we believe, stemmed from my man walking into the living room where daughter was cornering one of the dogs with a suitcase, as it howled and whined with fear and confusion. He says, "Abusing the dogs again, huh?" And walks into the kitchen.

Yep. Probably shouldn't have said that, but she does abuse the dogs. She SCREAMS at them, THROWS them off the couch or into their kennel. God knows what she does when no one is home.

Did I forget to mention that we got asked not to whip their dogs because it makes them pee on the floor? Ha! Clarification: neither of us have ever whipped the dogs. We have whipped AT the dogs with the dish towel, from the oven, to get them out of the kitchen. You know, because kicking wasn't effective enough. Also for the record: YOUR DOGS PEE ON THE FLOOR BECAUSE YOU DON'T TAKE THEM OUT OFTEN ENOUGH, THEY ARE ABUSED, AND THEY ARE NOT NEUTERED! (did I spell that right? Looks weird, anyway)

I guess I'm off my soapbox. These people are atrocious. It's a shame a nice guy like the husband can't stand up for himself and tell the women to take it down a notch, he and my man have gotten along fine. She is just a terrible person.

It may seem like it's all one sided. They feel like they are justified. I guess 11 year old girls never lie or perceive situations wrong.

There are many more parts to this story, and everyone has opinions. The facts though, they can't lie or take sides. I know the truth, I know we have been wrongly accused and shoved around. These people should NEVER rent a room again and if they do I feel incredibly sorry for the sap that moves in. 

Time to work. I hope you all have a nice day, and if you ever need a dog kicked, give me a call.