Saturday, July 5, 2008

Independence Day

...A good day. Indeed.

The morning started earlier than I would have liked it to, of course. I woke up about a minute earlier than Nathan's alarm clock and when I realized it was just before 8:30am I contemplated getting up and going to the "company" breakfast.

It didn't take me long to choose. I stayed in bed.

Nathan dragged himself out of bed after hitting snooze on his alarm about 8 times (I don't think I am exaggerating). I heard Trevor talking softly to himself and occasionally bumping his feet on the wall. He is really good about hanging out in bed until I give him the OK to get out.

The morning went on as it usually does- Nathan pulling himself together for a day of work and slugging around the kitchen throwing random food items into his lunch box. I rub my eyes every few minutes or so, and do my stretching thing. Trevor runs around like a bolt of lightening telling us he is hungry a million times (within a few minutes... this kid LOVES repeating himself) as he grabs random toys and does his thing for a little while.

Breakfast is served, Nathan goes to work, and I scramble (more like drag) to get myself in order for the day's festivities.

Destination One: Local parade.

Karen, Caleb, Trevor, and I have to drive around a bit to find a parking spot (we found one with a sign threatening tow service if we don't shop on their street). We unpack. Worry about the car getting towed. Trek to the parade site. I didn't bring a stroller... it figures.

Anyway... the parade consisted of your typical local business advertisements, beauty queens, and obnoxious water squirters. I had been promising Trevor ALL morning that we would be seeing a firetruck or two (his new obsession) and since we hit the tail-end of the parade I was afraid we were going to miss them. Thankfully there was a classic firetruck rolling by that sounded it's siren as soon as it passed us. Trevor was pleased. I KNOW that if we hadn't seen one he would be asking ALL DAY to see one. This kid, oi.

After the parade we decided to move the car to a location that didn't threaten us with expensive towing, and went back to the park. Why? Well.. there is a stream there where about thirty, give or take, ducks have made their homes. Why not? Plenty of people on a daily basis to throw food at them- just like us.

We climbed down a steep little path to get the the stream, a hundred feet or so from the bridge crossing the stream. Caleb didn't seem like he was a huge fan of sitting in dirt, or being anywhere away from his mommy at that point. It had been a long morning and it was definitely getting close to nap time for both the boys.

Trevor was doing wonderfully- bless him. He is so amazing (as he stands at my feet crying at this current point in time because he got in trouble for playing with the trash can). Even though he can truly be a test to my absolute patience most the time I am definitely thankful for when is a very good kid. (Not like today, Haha)

After taking some very cute, and not-so-cute, pictures we decided to call it a morning on the account Caleb looked very uncomfortable and my stomach was screaming at me for food. Apparently goldfish crackers don't sate my appetite.

Nap time. Yes.

After our nap, I packed a bag full o' stuff, got Trevor reassembled, and headed to the Fitzgerald's!

Destination Two: Fitzgerald residence.

I haven't been there in YEARS! The Fitzgerald's have always been a second family to me, and even though there daughter, my soul-sister, wasn't there (stupid England!) it was very very comforting being with "family".

Ever since my mom passed away, I haven't felt close to my real family. I love them- absolutely I do- but I feel as though there is just thread connecting us and nothing more tangible. Even though I know they will end up reading this- I have to say it.

I digress. The Fitzgerald's home is a comfortable, well-known, place. Even though I hadn't been there in what felt like an eternity I knew exactly where everything was. Trevor and I had a really good time... and the best part? Nathan got off work early enough to join us!!!!

I was so ecstatic! He got there at about 7. I was getting worried that Trevor would start getting grumpy because bed time is 8, but he never faltered. He stayed happy, playful, polite, and silly... Everyone loved him (of course!).

8:30 rolled around and we were all talking, drinking assorted beverages, and enjoying Trevor's existence. About an hour after sunset the fireworks started. Trevor was completely intrigued... until we took him out front to actually see the fireworks.

The loud ones (screaming meemees) really scared him and the popping ones would make him jump. He clung as tight as he could to me, and when my arms got tired- he clung as hard as he could to Nathan. I must admit, it was rather cute when he would put mine or Nathan's hand over his ear when the fireworks were too loud.

We decide it was best to take him back to the house. Nathan relaxed in the hammock chair, and I thought "maybe... just maybe..." I could get Trevor to fall asleep swinging with daddy (seeing as it was ticking passed 10pm at this point).

I put Trevor on Nathan's lap, where they stayed, for quite a long time. Nathan was fighting the urge to completely fall asleep, and Trevor was wide-eyed and talking up a storm. But he stayed there. I got some mighty fine pictures... and my favorite...

It was a VERY good Independence Day. Very good.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

After My Own Heart!

I took yesterday off because I really, really needed it. I worked 6 days last week, and that tends to get old quick. Thankfully- it's easy for me to say, "Hey, can I take today off?"


As I was sitting on the couch, OK- laying on the couch, I was wondering how I was going to spend my wonderfully lazy day off. On the floor with Trevor? On the couch while Trevor plays on the floor? Watching movies or reading books?

Then my phone buzzes. Text message, of course. Karen wants to do something!

She thought it would be nice to go to the park. It took me a bit to get arranged seeing as I was planning on doing nothing for the day... but we eventually made it to the park. Karen, Caleb, Trevor and I.
This park has a pirate ship that looked like a lot of fun to play on- but once you get up close it seems like it's for bigger kids. A lot of climbing. It also has a METAL slide. Not exactly the most fun thing to slide down with shorts on in 90+ degree weather. Hehe.

So we ventured to the other part of the park. It's your standard stairs and slides type ordeal with the monkey bars and ladders for older kids. It was pretty darned hot so in all truth I didn't want to stay for long. And we didn't. In the short time that we stayed I did get a few good pictures though.
Aaaawe. I told him to stick out his feet, and he did it. Oh man, two year olds can be so much fun.
Driving us to the middle of nowhere.
He was tentative about the bridge and didn't want to go across by himself.

I told Trevor to give Cayobbin (or Caleb, in non-Trevor speak) a hug, and he did. It was awkward and totally adorable. Perfection.

When I started feeling like a swamp on certain areas on my body, I decided that it was time to go home and take a nap (well Trevor anyway- I am in the middle of Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer so I can't miss an opportunity to read).

I had a brilliant idea for the rest of the evening. Fingerpaint! I have been saving it and saving it for a time when Nathan, Trevor, and I could do it together but I seriously just couldn't wait anymore. I invited Karen and Cayobbin over after nap times were done.

Trevor slept, I read. Then....

We painted!
Cayobbin and Karen, starting out.Trevor was definitely very happy. He immediately picked up the point of what he was supposed to do and began exploring! He would use different sponges, and even used the popsicle sticks that were provided. He LOVED dipping his hands and fingers in the paint but not as much as Cayobbin! He got so mad at me when I prohibited him from dipping anymore. Oh man, it was pretty funny.
We started a footprint canvas and it was turning out really cute, but at the same time- it was missing something. Or rather, someone. Nathan. I am saving a big canvas and some paints for when all three of us can do it together.After I painted his feet for the failed footprint painting he thought it was awesome. He kept putting paint on his feet. Good thing we were painting on a large, black carpet!!

My little vampire :).
Aftermath. Toward the end, I had my own painting going and it was turning out really cool. It took ALL my effort not to get engrossed and forget that I had a toddler COVERED in paints (thankfully washable!) on the loose. I really, really, really, really, really, wanted to keep working on my painting but I just finished it as-is. I love fingerpaints! I think Trevor does, too. Definitely worth every ounce of money and time. Definitely! In the end, Trevor's painting got sat on (by him), but it still looks pretty cool. I like mine, too. It's nifty.
The End.