Thursday, December 11, 2008


This blog is titled "Ego" because... well... it's about me :).

-Absolutely great! I have made some really good friends already and the people "on my team" are awesome.
-I get to ski everyday I work! Even days I don't work! hehe.
-I went down an intermediate run and didn't die. It was really darn steep.
-I love it!
-My job is a great ego booster (like I need one) because I already have someone crushing on me (so I have through the grapevine), and so many people there are friendly and I get smiled at a lot. It's always good for the soul to see smiles all day, every day.

Trevor/ Nathan:
-We took Trev skiing (pictures will be posted on flikr someday, I promise) this week and he did so well. He loved it and kept asking to go down again. We might get him his own gear for Christmas.
-He is so smart (duh!). He speaks in full sentences now like, "Mommy get Trevor's shoes and put shoes on please." Or something more adorable, "Please Mommy drink of water over there? [he points to a glass of water on the table]"
-I know some of you think me leaving was the worst possible solution to anything- but Nathan and I are getting along great.
-If you think it was awful, have lost respect for me, or don't understand any of it I suggest you ask Nathan how he is feeling about everything. Maybe that will clear some things up. I don't want to speak for him, of course, but we are all doing as well as we could be.

Matt & I:

All in all, I can tell it's going to be one kick butt season. Thanks to those of you who are sticking around, hanging in there with me, and loving me. You all make help my heart beat, my heart smile, my heart sing.

I love you.