Friday, September 18, 2009

He wears a hair tie around his wrist, brings out a big glass of milk and chocolate chip cookies, reminds me to brush my teeth at night, puts my artwork in permanent ink on his arm, pout faces when he is sad ( and it never fails to make me smile), always carries a lighter, rides a motorcycle, lets me decide what movie to watch, makes me think in run on sentences, and much much much much much more.

To my Lover: You rock.

Monday, September 14, 2009


Sibby has been recovered, and is being sent home as I type.

The world is right once more hehe.

::happy dance::

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Through unfortunate events that I feel better blaming on a few people in particular Trevor's precious Sibby has been left at an Airport in Hawaii.

Maybe it's no one's fault.
Maybe it's someones.

Either way- I am scouring the internet looking for an exact replica of this stuffed animal. It's ridiculously difficult but I have to get my baby's Sibby back. It's my mission.

I love you Trevor! I'll find Sibby.

Today is Shitty.

Don't like cussing? Oh well.

Screw you positivity.
Screw you shitty people.
Screw you stress.
Screw you prick/tool boss.
Screw you error.
Screw you shitty coworkers.
Screw you shitty tippers.
Screw you money.
Screw you dog piss stain on the floor.
Screw you shitty parking spot.
Screw you if you're offended.
Screw you infected REALLY PAINFUL toe.
Screw you sore back and leg (resulting from sore toe and walking wrong all night).
Screw you ant infestation.
Screw you over due bills.
Screw you "job market".
Screw you, "Ya, my life sucks worse than yours..."

Over it.
Shitty effin day.