Monday, January 24, 2011

Throw that beat
Move your sluggish feet
Pick it up don't let it fall
Time to time to time to rock it all.

Sit, throw, back and flow
This is how my story goes-
In my ears the bass is bumping
In my heart my blood is pumping

Feeling like the sky could crash
But I don't worry- byebye in a flash.
Deep beep in my drums
Ting Tang from the slums

High strung like a mutha fucka
Fingers tapping, don't want to rush ya
But here it is- the time to run
I've just started having fun

Run, ran into my jam
Pop and lock like no one can
Smooth rhythms and beat
Move move move my feet

Roll the body and flick the wrist
Momma can't teach you moves like this
It's mine this soul this rhyme this air in time
It's mine all mine, no sour lime

Eat it, breathe it, goodbye defeat it
Lay down, Jump up, this is legit
Bounce baby, bounce baby ride
This is my kind of stride.