Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year

Here's sort of an update... of sorts... sort of... well, you get the idea....

I just about lost it today before work. I felt off- like- icky but not quite on the verge of sick. I tried calling in but my boss said, "Oh don't tell me you are calling in sick! We DOUBLED our sales yesterday over last year and we only have THREE photographers on the mountain today.. I need you!!"

So, I dragged my sorry butt to work (I wasn't even late or anything). Shot a few families, then left early.

Matt took really good care of me when I got home, and frankly I would have sunken into a dark abyss if it weren't for his warm arms.... well... his warm arms or the great sushi I had for dinner. One of the two.

(Side story [hooray?]: About 4 years ago I tried sushi for the first time and almost barfed it was so disgusting. I vowed myself off it and never wanted to try it again. After being repeatedly told it's "VERY DELICIOUS" I decided I would give it another try. Why not? So, at my work's xmas party my regional manager made some. It. Was. Perfection. Point of side story: I am addicted.)

The only reason I had sushi (very, very GOOD sushi) tonight was because I am top sales for my shop right now, and got a killer bonus. Huzzah for making money on my days off! I decided since I was "less healthy," better known as, "feeling like shit" and had some extra cash- I would treat.

And, Oh what a treat.

Anyhoo... I skied my first black diamond yesterday. Toot toot. Again- addicted.

Christmas is officially postponed until January 25th, and New Years is respectfully the 31st. Trevor and Nathan were up for the "real" holiday and it was great seeing Trev's eyes light up when he opened his presents (Thank you sis, he loves his projector books). He was also very determined to put the little colorful balls on the lights of our spiral ::coughghettocough:: tree.

I have made some amazing friends up here, too. The "breed" of people drawn to this area are generally really awesome people!

In other news:
I am very, very happy. I never said this has been an easy process, but with a little extra effort any situation has the potential to be beneficial (and lucrative!). I 100% believe in the power of positive energy and thoughts. I have conquered my fears (every. single. one.), I have begun to understand the universe, in my own way of course. I have felt bigger, more, better, and any other adjective along the same lines, than I ever have before- including love.

To the readers:
Thanks for tuning in. Sorry I haven't been updating as I should- but when life hands me lemons I grab the salt and say bottoms up! Here's to happiness, love, strength, and well-being.