Friday, August 19, 2011

Hello A.D.D.

Today is Friday.

Disney has not called me back to let me know when my training starts but both my current job, and Matt's current job NEEDED to know when our last day is- so we told them.  Aug. 31.


The anxiety is piling up again but right now it's in the form of severe A.D.D. at work.  I am trying my hardest to get my tours edited and get home so I can help PACK and organize storage and you know- all that stuff.

Ahhhhhhh!  Mini freak out!

OK, I'm back.  Sorry... had to do that for a second.  In other news Trevor had his back to school night last night.  It really drives me nuts that I missed it.   I'm trying not to let it bother me because, well, there's no point in letting it bother me.  Duh.  It's in the past.  Can't change it and all that jazz.  I will hopefully be hearing from his dad today so we can talk about how it went.  Seriously, he seems less than interested in Trevor's education when it's pretty much one of the most important things I can think of for him.  I was beyond giddy meeting his kindergarten teacher, finding out what he would be learning, and all that- but his dad seemed... well.. bored and uninterested.  It is what it is.  It'll be good for me to be in CA so I can help Trevor focus on other things than TV hehe.  I remember watching a great deal of TV as a kid, so I won't be too hard on him, but getting him outdoors and helping him learn about the world around him is such an exciting thought!

Eh what else?

Matt's bike is officially totaled.  He was rear ended last week and because the damages could "potentially" be more than the bike is worth they are just going the easy way out and writing him a check for $90 less than what he paid for it.  I guess that's fine, but he just put new tires on it and a new bike will cost to register.  Oh awesome!  Something else to pay for right before we need to move.


I'm trying to be positive, so yell at me if I keep sounding like a poop.

Don't be afraid to yell at me, I can hear you through the computer- I am magical like that.  Speaking of magical, have you ever seen this? Magical Trevor

Told you my A.D.D. is bad.

What else?

Please keep your fingers crossed for Matt finding a good job quickly in CA.  I know work is "hard to come by" right now for those not willing to look hard enough, but it seems like there are plenty of openings in the hotel industry.  It would be awesome if he found something right away.  Then everything would fall into place.  Oh, speaking of place... we will be staying with Matt's dad when we first get to CA.  It'll save us some money while getting established.  I can't say it's my most preferred situation, but it's only temporary- and it just might help all parties involved.

Everything will be OK...
I think.

I hope.

Last night was... eh... nevermind.

Sitting here at my work desk I am flip flopping between actually working and actually not working.  Sounds nice but I should be getting back to real business.  Trying not to have Lastdayplusmovinganxietyitis.

Thanks for tuning in readers, this entry was a little more personal than usual- but I figured a general update on how my life is going will help future and past blogs make a little more sense.  I can't believe I have 82 followers.  Feels a little surreal.  Making words mean something to people helps fill my soul with purpose.

So again, thank you readers.  Have a good weekend and hopefully something witty/funny/interesting will cross your path.