Saturday, July 12, 2008


I don't understand people sometimes.

I got an email notification that I had a comment on "Dooodooodoo" video of Trevor.

What was the comment?

I quote, ">_> WTF your baby is ugly."

Now, first of all I have no idea who this user is. I looked up the profile. Eighteen years old. No videos. Unless this is some CHILD who has a grudge against my family, or hates singing and dancing children, I have no idea why someone would take the time to comment on some unknown person's video, of their obviously very-loved child?

It just makes me feel hollow when people are JERKS... for NO reason!

In reality, I should just block the user, delete the comment and move on.

Oh, I did all but one of those things... I took the liberty of leaving a comment for them.

"...and you're an asshole. We'll call it even."

I blocked this user, forever.

::shakes head:: It's no wonder I always day dream about fantasy worlds with dragons and winged horses, knights, and magic.

Friday, July 11, 2008

I wasn't tagged... OH WELL!

I don't care much if I wasn't tagged for this. I can do it anyway ::giggle::.

Three Joys...
1: Spending time with Nathan and Trevor, together.
2: Taking pictures, or having pictures taken with Chelsea.
3: Cooking GOOD food!

Three Fears...
1: Cancer
2: Being stuck in the in-laws house for more than two months.
3: Death, of loved ones or myself- happening before a long happy life.

Three Goals...
2: Own a successful business.
3: Pay off our credit cards.

Three Current Obsessions...
1: Caffeine.
2: Netflix
3: My husband ::giggle::

Three Random Surprising Facts About Me...
1: I LOVE watching irises change size (or pupils, I guess... I watch the color not the black).
2: I HATE chewing gum and only use it as a serious last resort.
3: I think Jeremy Irons is beautiful. It's the voice. Oh, that voice....

Tag Three people to do this survey--
1. Karen
2. Casey
3. Kelsey

That's it. Have fun!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Netflix is the devil

It's awesome, it's wonderful, it's shiesty.

I was totally, I mean TOTALLY, wrapped up in Weeds season 1 and 2 on Netflix Instant Watch. The season 2 finale was sheer suspenseful brilliance.

So, as I go to Instant Watch season 3... IT'S NOT AVAILABLE! I can get it in the mail, but it's not on Instant Watch! AH! Ah! Devil.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


I have been drooling over this for over a year now. Why, oh why... now that Nathan said I can get it- do I not hurry and buy it?

It's a weird, very weird feeling.... Like... I want what I don't have. Now that I CAN have it- I don't want it? Wait-- I DEFINITELY still want it.

Why don't I just buy it? I'm so strange. Anyone have an explanation? I'm not feelin' so wise right now.

Monday, July 7, 2008

How far is too far?

It has recently been brought to my attention that a certain company ::coughAPXcough:: will officially NOT be hiring "smokers" for the full-time service technician positions.

Now, I am not what one would call a smoking advocate (or even enthusiast) but doesn't this strike you as a bit... absurd?

What happens if a customer complains that the technician smells like cigarette smoke? The technician gets reprimanded?

What happens when several customers complain about several different technicians smelling like cigarette smoke? The technicians get reprimanded, and a tighter code of conduct be enforced?

I wonder if APX has done these things? I really, honestly, would LOVE to know what has led a multi-million dollar company to this point. It also made me chuckle a bit that someone who didn't smoke could care less.

See, here's the thing- YES I am biased. I hate smoking but my husband does it. I wouldn't want him to be denied a great job because he smokes. His skills reach farther than most of the technicians I have personally met and his work ethic is nothing short of strong. He has enough brains in his head to keep his smoking to himself- knowing full-well that almost all nonsmokers HATE anything about cigarettes.

I just, well, I just don't know what to think. I want to dig deeper and sort things out- but knowing this company... it won't change a thing.

The more experience I get with "corporate America", the more I want to move to the middle of nowhere and live off solar power. I get sick to my stomach thinking about how things are changing (for the worse). California laws are so ridiculous now.

::sigh:: I just want to get rid of this corporation. It's terrible. Not that there are many out there that are great- but this one is definitely the bottom of the barrel, and it's safe (or not-so-safe considering many other employees read my blog) to say I HATE APX.

That's all. I stand true to what I say. I don't trust them, nor will I ever... and this superbly idiotic statement about not hiring smokers is just one more thing to add to my list.

Don't recruit outside the church, APX, if you don't want issues.