Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Do you ever have those nights where you're comfy in bed, kinda tired, but not necessarily tired enough to sleep (even though I'm sure it's passed midnight...)?

I had one last night, and I was trying to settle my mind but I couldn't.  So, in my efforts to find good things to think about before slumbering- I remembered Thankful Thursday, and it has truly been a while since I've done a post for it.

So here ya go, lucky you.

Every once in a while, someone will ask me, "Why do you wear a tail?"

Frankly, my answer is different every time... depending on who it is or how snarky I am feeling at the moment.  But I must admit- the real, down to it, no lies answer is:

It makes me happy.

Whether it matches what I am wearing, draws the positive attention of a kind stranger, sparks up a conversation, or makes me feel downright adorable- I just love my tail.

I wear it everyday, unless I'm wearing a dress.  I love my tail. 

Are you wondering yet what this has to do with me being thankful?  I hope so, otherwise you weren't really paying attention.  Ah, just messing with ya.  But nonetheless, I am thankful for my tail and the courage to wear it.

Actually, courage just may be the wrong way to put it.  I don't need courage to wear it, I just like it.  I just wear it.  It's what I do.  I am- the girl with the tail. 

Here, now, is a list of other things I am thankful for on this VERY beautiful Thursday:
I am thankful for the man who loves me no matter how weird, stubborn, or moody I may be.
I am thankful for my awesome friends.
I am thankful for laughter! Oh laughter!
I am thankful for changing seasons, flowers, beautiful weather, and beautiful mountains.
...cute dogs
...good food
...gifted hands (healing, drawing, writing, dancing...)
...and so much much more!

Oh goodness, yes, that's a cheap sign off.  I'm afraid I've got to get to work now.