Friday, February 11, 2011

Backed Up

No... my title doesn't have anything to do with my physical *ahem* state or the fact I've been marathon-style watching Grey's Anatomy (I'm on season 6, Episode 12... I think).

I haven't been reading your blog entries like I should be. I'm behind. It makes me sad when I see I have missed ::cough:: four or more::cough:: entries. I really enjoy reading your writing. I like feeling like I am getting to know you, or... I guess that you "trust" me with your feelings, your words, and your life.

I mean, sure... most blogs are public. So, the trust thing I just said could be a bit far fetched- but for me, writing on this website is sharing. It's opening up. It's... having people read my writing. My life. My thoughts and my ideas. The ways that I feel. The ways that I handle myself.

I am trusting you not to judge me, and accept me for me. To be "an ear" (more appropriately eyes)... so, perhaps I generalize that to you. Are you trusting me to read your words and not judge you? To accept you for who you are and still be a part of your life? I hope so.

Maybe it is a good sign that I haven't had time to click click on the internet and stare at a bright screen in a dark room for longer than I do at work. I mean, I am enjoying my life... but in this enjoyment I leave behind little pieces of you behind. Ha, reading this back I am making myself sound like you all love having me read your posts and need me to. I know that's not the case- I am just trying to say sorry to those that I follow. I will read again soon.

But for now, I am going to go OUTSIDE and enjoy this beautiful weather.

Life is good. Thanks for stopping by, and I will see you on the flip side.


(PS- Why does my spell check insist that "internet" should be capitalized?)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Top Five!

Are you a fan of lists? Well, that's good because I am too. (If you answered no then I'd recommend skipping to the conclusion of this entry, the bulk is a bunch of lists).

What's with the sudden list frenzy? A combination of the movies Chaos Theory & High Fidelity, seasoned with a bit of my own personal organizational preferences. What a mouth full, don't read that last sentence out loud.

Did you read it out loud? Please say yes, I love the attention. I kid I kid. Wasn't this post supposed to be lists?

Well alright... Here are my favorites out of the listed categories, which could change without any given notice- because it's how I feel right now, and there's also so much left to discover. You know, that whole thing.

Top Five Favorite Movies
5. Death Race
4. NausicaA
3. Bio-Dome
2. Chaos Theory
1. Dragonheart

Top Five Favorite Albums
5. Smash- The Offspring
4. History- Michael Jackson
3. Jagged Little Pill- Alanis Morissette
2. El Cielo- Dredg
1. Make Yourself- Incubus

Top Five Favorite Songs
5. Bohemian Rhapsody- Queen (don't judge me)
4. Rebel Yell- Billy Idol
3. Wish You Were Here- Radiohead (the is the Pink Floyd cover. My choice used to be the original in this slot, but stumbling upon the Radiohead cover in a high quality set of headphones changed my mind)
2. The Canyon Behind Her- Dredg
1. Drive- Incubus

Top Five Favorite Colors
5. Black
4. Red
3. Orange
2. Brown
1. Green

Wow, I have already lost interest in making lists, and the exact reason why is: I start challenging my favorites, then have to go and listen to snippets of songs. Sheesh.

Completely random now, and forgive me for being so- it's just what I do. My friend showed off my novice virtual staging handiwork in her Photoshop class up at the University. She says they were dazzled. At least, I think she said dazzled. (I forget sometimes that I'm so vague in my posts no one really knows what I am talking about unless they know me personally... so sorry if you're in the dark. Shall I explain? I put fake furniture in photos of empty houses, so realtors can sell their houses faster. Sounds simple enough. Oh, and the contents of this paragraph are solely for my ego. I try not to let her get in the way too much, but it does feel good to be loved!) I feel like I am becoming more patient, as I teach myself the new program. It's called Autodesk 3ds Max. Holy cow, is it crazy! I've been teaching myself through random tutorials, forums, and blogs... Oh yes, tons of fun.

Valentine's Day is coming up. Hallmark's new blurp is "Valentine's Day isn't for saying, 'I love you.' It's for saying, 'I love us.'" I like it. Corporate or not, it's cute... and I'm almost a cerified authority on cute.

So this will be where I say goodnight. It's Tuesday night- and it has been a good night. I really start out with good intentions (a point, a purpose, something) in these entries but always end up rambling on. I suppose it is cathartic. Thanks for stopping by.

twittle my riddle and listen-
a whistle
goodnight like a light burnt out onsite