Monday, October 10, 2011

The Dance

Riddle & Twiddle
Your thumbs in the middle
While waiting for life to step up...

Then you lose your grace
Fall flat on your face
And wonder what the heck went wrong!

Take a moment and consider the jitter
That negativity puts in your space!


Just had to do that, it popped into my head like a freewrite, so I wrote it here.  In short, I am glad I have conquered the darkness for the time being.  The strength that comes out of me sometimes is surprising. But it's DEFINITELY due to my amazing support system!!  Without my friends, Matt, Trevor, and my Mom's spirit--  *sigh*  you guys know what I am trying to say.

Well, it's time to dance so I'll say goodbye for now.  Embrace the light!

Thanks for tuning in,