Friday, September 9, 2011


Well, the move....

it has...


Kind of a trip, ya know? We're here, and most of the "important stuff" has been taken care of.  There are a few more things that have to happen before we can begin our lives as normal but baby steps are in order.

Speaking of baby steps, I just got off the phone with Trevor.  Oh my heart.  Harmony in laughter.  The smiles and laughter that are brewed in his soul are priceless ad timeless.  Truly a many splendorous thing! (Doesn't that saying really go, "...a many splendored thing" ?  Apparently "splendored" isn't a real word...?)

I digress, though you catch my drift right?

The transition is a tough one.  Things are seemingly alright on the outside, but hopefully familiarity does not breed contempt in this case.  It's tight quarters and family.  It'll be interesting.  I have good faith in the guys, and mostly it's just a test of personal patience.

A big test.

It will be OK.  Ya know, duh.  Just gotta breathe.




...nice and slow.

Perhaps it's a good lesson for when my son is a teenager?  This experience will give me some insight into almost-adults, and hopefully help me build a stronger relationship with Trevor  (Oh look, there I go looking at the bright side again).

Life is good, just gotta take it one moment at a time.

Thanks for tuning in, my friends. Until next time- Don't forget to take a moment to breathe.