Saturday, March 1, 2008


Why is it most words looked mispelled when put in caps?

Ok..Ok..beside the point...

Trevor used his potty for the first time tonight!!!!!!!

For a few weeks I have been sitting him on it before and after a bath waiting to see if anything would happen. He would usually just get off it himself and start walking around. He would point to "himself" and say "bah" while pointing at his potty so I know he is aware of its use... something I am happy for. No pressure. Just letting him go at his own pace.

Tonight I was giving him a bath and he started ::ahem::farting::ahem:: a lot. I asked him if he was going to poo, and he said yes. The he started making "the face". I picked him up and plopped him down on his potty.

He looked at me funny, stood up, and began walking back toward his bath. He started to make the face again, so I scooped him up and placed him back down on his potty.

He went.

I cheered, I danced, I cried. He laughed, I laughed. I showed him what he had done and made sure he knew it was an amazing feat.

I gave him a REAL cookie (I have been referring to his animal crackers as cookies since he could eat them) as a reward and told him he gets ONE WHOLE COOKIE everytime he uses his potty.

Hopefully he understood that.

Wish me luck- it's beginning.

Friday, February 29, 2008

A Wrench in the Works

So many ways to go.

I officially declined my position at Petco. I hadn't even started yet and I was given a HUGE run around, and my all time favorite, "Uhm...yes, I talked to thee... manager... and we don't pay for travel."

Hm. Right.

Now I wait to hear about the job interview. It went well. I believe as well as it could. I am concerned about my experience (or lack thereof) being the reason I am not consdered for the job. I hate that. I completely understand. I still hate it.

She told me it may be a few weeks before I hear back from her. As you can guess, I am hoping it's sooner than that.

Now- the "wrench" is this.

We had made the decision not to go this summer and do the whole -moving-to-a-new-city-and-living-in-an-apt-dealing-with-driving-far-and-commission-based-pay-thing.

We decided no because this year it is in Pennsylvania. That's just too far to move for 4 months and turn around to come back.

Plans may be changing. 70% chance I have been told. Sacramento.

That. Would. Be. Awesome.

So, for right now we are waiting to hear back about my job interview. If I get the job, we will stay. If I don't, and it's for sure in Sacramento, we will go.

We will come back with money to buy a house, too. That's the biggest incentive.

I can't get houses off my brain. I wish there was a way to know if the market would be better for buyers when we got back.

::shrug:: Oh well, I know that everything will work out and be the way it should be.

Oh! Oh! I had my first temptation for meat yesterday too. More precisely the morning. I was so hungry and didn't want to munch on something like a granola bar or toast. I wanted some taquitos.

I didn't eat them.

..but I think it's starting. Temptations are starting. The "oi vey's" are starting.

I will be strong. I will push through. ::sings:: I will survive!

Heh. I know, I'm silly. I just wanted something pretty simple.

I made nachos. They were Yummeh. They satisfied.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Sometimes I have words running through my head all day. Wonderful words. Beautiful descriptions. Perfect examples. Poetry. Song. Venting. Anger...

..but then I sit down to write and draw blanks.

Even if I were to carry a recorder or something, by the time I were to pull it out and press "record"... **POOF**


Story of my life.

I tried to be a good friend today, but instead I served no purpose and had to go home early on account my son has become a monster and no longer is small enough to use our portable crib.

He climbed right out of it, with ease.

Now I am bound to the 2:oo nap time, in the house, in the dark, in the crib.


He didn't get more than a 10 minute nap today so by 5:00 he was an absolute mess. He was smacking his face, ripping at his clothes arching his back, and screaming constantly.

I had no power. I tried everything. Medicine on his gums. Every toy. Outside. Dogs. TV. Movies. Car. Food. Drink. Holding him. Rocking him. Walking around with him.


Nathan wakes up and I decide enough is enough and sit down on the big chair with Trevor squirming on my lap and begin rocking. Nathan sits on the couch in a haze. Courage the Cowardly Dog yelps in the background.

Trevor starts screaming so I [what I can only assume is] instinctually shove my finger in his mouth and press on his teeth in the back. He immediately stops crying. Stops wriggling.

He looks up at me like, "DUH".

He pretty much gnawed on my finger for 5 minutes before I couldn't take the pain anymore. But he was so still, and quiet, and content.

Nathan brought me a seastar squirt toy for the bathtub and I shoved a leg in his mouth. He just went to town on it.

I thought he was "done" with that stage of teething. I guess I was wrong.

Oh children have such a way of making their parents feel incredibly worthless and hurt.
I bet it only gets better from here.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Words, lots of words.

So...I have an interview tomorrow.

Yes, I have the petco job- but I haven't started yet...and already they have dicked me around a bit. When I asked if I would be compensated for my mandatory travel to Vegas for class (11 days total = about 2,800 miles) the manager said, "Uhm, we don't really do that here."

Don't really do that? Hah. Nice.

Well, the interview is for the brand new Barnes and Noble going into the mall. The position? Music manager.

Ya, I said manager.

The call today from Danielle (the interviewer for B&N) totally caught me offguard. I set up a resume online through yahoo and NEVER expected anything to come from it. I only listed two jobs, one of which was Disney.

I don't have management experience (as far as the "label" goes) but I do have over two years of training experience.

Maybe they are just desperate ::chuckle::.

My interview is tomorrow evening and hopefully it will go well. I liked the woman on the phone. She laughed at one of my jokes (which for some reason most people don't get- I'm relatively dry).

At Petco I would be dog training, but from hearsay and personal experience their "company" isn't the best to work for. I miss Petsmart.

B&N would be cool. New music. New books. New faces. New store.

...aaaand.... the potential of being a manager!! It's sort of been (OK has desperately been) my desire to be in a leadership position. Kind of sad, I'm sure...but it has always seemed like I have been cheated from it in all my old jobs.

I have had to grow up a bit- and I used to be really power hungry. Now, since RRPR, I have learned a great deal about proper leadership and skills.

It's been a recent practice for me not to get my hopes up. I have been trying so hard to remain neutral about buying a house, getting a new job, and selling on etsy.

I am generally NOT a neutral person so it has taken a bit of effort. I am crossing my fingers for tomorrow. It's not dog training, but it's also not Petco- heh.

In other news------
I can do medium on guitar hero now. I am so proud. It might sound a bit lame to some, but it's quite a feat for me. :)

Also, Trevor. Trevor, Trevor, Trevor.

I don't even know where to start. Since I have been staying at home with him again I have been able to witness miracles.

He is smart. Duh. Some things, though...are a bit on the creepy side (and the "I hope that was just coincidence" side). Not that I am hoping my kid is stupid, but seriously... when he looks up at a word (in this case BOODA), points directly to the "A" and says "aaaaaaaye", it makes your skin crawl. In a good way.

His comprehension is off the charts. I must admit I haven't been exposed to all too many kids his age, but the ones I have come across don't...err...seem to be on his level. I hate sounding like I am putting my child on a pedistal, but I am proud.

You should see the way he plays piano. It's quite powerful.

Or how he puts a chicken strip with the other chicken strips after his Mom put it on top of the fries. Then he shoots the look like, "chicken goes with chicken."

Or colors. Or draws. Or for that matter- the way he holds a crayon or pencil.

Oh my child. Oh my wonderful child.

My one wish for him (although there are many, this is my highest for now)- I hope he is a genuinely good person and uses his intelligence to help.

We will guide him the best we can, tell him truths, love him as much as we can, support him, and teach him.

I am sure there is more we will do for him--for now though, he knows we are here for him.

More random shtuff:

The parade of homes was pretty neat. I didn't like having to take my shoes off in each house (next year I will be more prepared), and practically ripping my son open with the metal part on my lanyard- but all in all it was a fantastic time.

It made me really want a theater room, a pool, and own house...

Chelsea and Joel are great people. They truly are.

Trevor danced on a stage too :) He is so darned cute.

We had dinner at Olive Garden after, and it was pretty good. I am glad Nathan got to come, even though he was practically a zombie he had a nice time. Oh I love my zombie.

Well.....who really wants to keep reading all this jibber jabber? It's time for moi to play some GH3.