Saturday, March 19, 2011


What?  FREE seared tuna, crab legs, AND wine? YES PLEASE.

Thank you, Matt- for your "continued years of service" and having me be your +1 to the endless buffet of most excellent food, courtesy of Park City Mountain Resort.

Life is good.

That's all for tonight,
Signing out happy as a clam,

PS- Does anyone know what "happy as a clam" really means?   Why would a clam be happy?  And why would one compare themselves to said clam?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

In Addition!

So, yesterday's post got me thinkin' a little more about life... funny how that happens, eh?

It came to my attention that the first thing that completely changed my life was attempting to remove the word "hate" from my vocabulary.  Is it a big deal?  You bet.  Was it hard?  Still is.

If you catch yourself saying it- take it back.  I usually spit out something along these lines, "Oh I hate it when that happens! ...I mean... I REALLY don't like it!!"

Most likely, it bugs people when I do that, but I have a reason for it... and I will always do it- for the rest of my life I'd imagine.  I wish I could just stop saying the word forever but it's a HUGE part of today's vocabulary.  T'is a word that will never go away, but should.  Though I'd imagine if it went away it would be replaced with something worse.

Or better.

I like to think better.  You know me.

Have a good Wednesday everyone.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Conscious Effort

Here are a few things I have picked up through my lifetime that help me smile on the inside, and feel like I am doing right for myself and others.  Thought I'd share.

1. Sit, stand, and walk with good posture
2. Close any and all doors gently- no slamming, ever
3. Smile at strangers instead of dropping eye contact
4. Open doors for people
5. Take it out, put it away
6. Dirty it, clean it
7. Say thank you and MEAN IT
8. Eat healthy, with the occasional splurge
9. Walk instead of driving when the destination/weather are within reason
10. Mutual respect with animals- they are just as much as part of this beautiful world as we are
11. Ask questions, respect answers
12. Everyone in the world is different, accept the differences, accept the similarities, accept the life
13. Everything in moderation
14. Accept that life is an unending learning experience and shouldn't be taken for granted or treated poorly
15. Really LISTEN to music
16. Pay attention to breathing, literally- slow deep breaths will calm the quickest heart
17. It's the little things, it always has been and always will be
18. Change your thoughts, change your life
19. If it makes you happy, DO IT
20. Love, love, love in multitudes

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Confession Time

Ya know, I just haven't been able to set a price for my artwork yet. It's frustrating! I am really excited to put the items up but honestly- truly- I have no idea what to charge.

I certainly have a goal, yes... but is it reasonable? Is it rational? Does it have to be reasonable and rational? Why can't I just put the price I want on my work?

You see, it's a matter of balance. I know deep in my heart that I put my all into these pieces, and I love them. So, I want to make the price higher because I put a lot of myself and time into them, and I love them. I. I want someone else to love them as much as I do, and thusly "collect" and item or two. But is that too much, too selfish?

On the other hand, I have the interest to charge less because I want, perhaps, my friends to purchase one if they like it- and not feel obligated to pay a lot more.

I just have NO IDEA. I thought of doing an auction, but I don't believe that is an option on

I can also price a few of the pieces high, and a few of the pieces low... or make the prices negotiable... but I just can't settle on anything.

I need help with this, anyone have any suggestions? ;)