Thursday, August 12, 2010

  • {[Please let me take a moment to share why I love me, and the respectful, honest, mature women in my life.... and bless others to grow into that kind of woman. Names are edited for privacy, but for clarification's sake I will say that L**** has a connection to someone I was extremely close to, and unfortunately really hurt, in the past. We cannot change our past, we can change ourselves and learn to accept and forgive our youth and ignorance for what it is- one giant adventure, one amazing journey, and one hell of a roller coaster.]}

  • Me: Haha love this!
    21 July at 10:38 ·

  • L****: actually no. he's not yours to "love" any more. keep your thoughts about C*** to yourself way up in S****** where they belong.
    04 August at 00:17 ·

  • Friend: Wow, no need for rudeness! I didn't realize there was a reason for any hostility towards Virginia. Believe me when I say she has no ill intentions by making any comments about any of my, or our, mutual friends here on facebook.
    about an hour ago ·

  • Me: WOW! Thanks ******! Holy crap L****, I would say I am sorry to offend you, but really... I haven't done anything wrong. In fact, I have nothing but great positive feelings for C****, and well... the fact that you make him happy. We have ALL made mistakes and frankly, I was a dark and lost individual after my mom passed away. Unfortunately, C**** bore the brunt of that part of me. You know, as well as I do, he is a WONDERFUL person. I will never forget how poorly things went between us, and I know poorly is an understatement, but the past is the past, and that was over FIVE years ago! I encourage your honesty, and respect that you choose to speak your mind, but perhaps a personal message would be more appropriate instead of a public denouncement of my character. Please address me privately if you wish to do so, but I'll have you know, I can love him and his family. Love is an expansive feeling, and though you may wish to control others' thoughts and feelings you'll never be able to do so, especially mine. Thank you S*****, again, for your respect and understanding. ....Oh and L****, I said love "this" not "him" so think about things before you type them, because I very well could be speaking of lighting, composition, and subject matter [seeing as I am a photographer].
    5 minutes ago