Wednesday, August 13, 2008


As greasy and gross as this cramped hotel room makes me feel... it's a nice change of pace. All the techs are within doors of each other, so I have seen more human interaction in the last day than I have in a while. It's been refreshing (but only if I am standing outside... inside = far too stuffy. Stupid half broken air conditioner units).

My poor oaf dog is too big for this place and keeps getting pushed around whenever we have to make it from one end of the room to the other. He also has to do his business in thick ivy on the ground. I think he has the worst end to this deal... but he still has that goofy smile on his face. I love my dog, he is so awesome.

Trevor's tired of wearing socks all the time, but there's no way I can stomach seeing his feet turn BLACK on the bottoms from this ::shutter:: carpet.

Thursday night I am going to take Trev to main street where there is a market with booths, artwork, fruit, veggies, etc... Of course I have to drag a pen, paper, and hi lighter with me, I think it will be fun.

Bluetooth is weird at first, but I like it.

That is all. Just some random thoughts and unedited grammar :P.

::high five::