Saturday, December 6, 2008

I survived!

My first real day of work, coming down the slopes and all that...

I LOVE the ladies I work with. They are a blast.... now once my brain calms down from the super-dooper-oober-information-overload (I believe that's the technical term)... I will actually be able to enjoy coming down the slope, and taking pictures, and making money. Right now, my brain is about to 'splode.

Sorry I haven't given a decent update recently, it's been a relatively turbulent few weeks. :) Turbulence can be fun- it hasn't been bad at all. I got to see Trevor, talk with Nathan, work some things out, learn to ski, start work, meet new people... fun shtuffs.

This is a picture from when Nathan and Trevor came up. He tackled me :) A LOT. And I LOVED every second of it.