Monday, May 4, 2009


Thank you!!

For those of you who stopped by to assure me you are still here.

::wipes away a tear:: I love you!

And now.... A story about Alaska...

The wind whistled through the vents on my helmet as Matt accelerated gracefully onto the bumpy "Seward Highway". It still felt like it was 70 degrees outside, even with the wind rushing my body at 65 mph. The sky held her blue tone with pride and swept away any clouds before they could intrude on her immaculate day.
Riding the bike with Matt is such a wonderful feeling. I don't worry. I don't get scared... I think. I observe. I love. I respect.

The highway made a big sweeping turn and then dipped under an "overpass". A train of thought danced inside my mind and before I could think, "I wonder how close we are to the ocean..." THERE IT WAS. Big. Beautiful. Perfect. On our right- a massive stretch of choppy dark water. The bay followed our winding two lane highway, dancing waves crashing lightly on the jagged rocks below us. The most breathtaking, wonderful, thing... making it different from anywhere else I have ever been- mountains. Across the bay were large, rocky mountains rising straight out of the ocean. I have never seen anything like it.

I couldn't peel my eyes away. OK, that's a lie, I could and did. On the other side of the OCEAN were big hills. There were turn-outs galore, and national parks everywhere. At least one waterfall every mile, some only a short walk between.

As I let the slow tears roll down my cheeks I wondered if Matt felt any where close to how I was feeling. I squeezed him for a few minutes in what I think of as "I love you so much, and I love your bike, too" hug he pulled into one of the turn outs and stopped the bike. We sat there for a minute in awe of the Alaska coastline and both agreed it's going to be spectacular when everything turns green.

I laughed because I was crying from the beauty and the grass is still brown and none of the trees have leaves! LOL. I'm a goob.

After admiring the scenery for a few more minutes Matt looks at me and asks cutely, "Wanna keep going?"

"Hell yes."


So we rode down to Girdwood and back. It was such a gorgeous day with many more to come. We saw a bunch of different kinds of bikes and look forward to making some new friends.

Thanks for tuning in. Love you Alaska. Too bad we're working for a BS company, with the most tools I have ever had the "pleasure" to work with. Crazy.