Saturday, May 23, 2009

The trip to California

I currently sit next to a couple missionaries, here at Aunt Julie's house, on Memorial Day weekend.

It's a beautiful 80+ degrees outside, here in Zillah, Washington. We had a wonderful dinner, delightful company, and fun entertainment last night. I love Aunt Julie and Thomas, they are definitely a good little family.

We will be back soon to see them, that's for sure.

We planned to get up at about 9am to journey further south and make it as far as we could before finding a place to sleep. I suggested that since we'll be taking the coastal route south of Santa Cruz (1, here we come!) we should CAMP in one of the lil campgrounds dotted along the gorgeous coast. I am thinkin' Big Sur... We'll see. We have a nice big tent we can put up, and our puppies will be happy they can run around more before bedtime.

I can't wait to be close to the ocean again. It's definitely my home.

When I saw, and felt, the ocean in Anchorage I cried because I was so happy. It reminded me I had been away from it for far too long.

California here we come, right back where we started from....