Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Freewriting amidst a muddy mind

Walk a thin line and tell me how you feel.
Walk over coals and tell me how you feel.
Walk a thousand miles in summer sun and tell me how you feel.

It's a lot like hanging from a branch with ants crawling on your fingers.
It's a lot like microwaving a CD on high for 30 seconds.

Pretty fun at first but then a disaster.

Head butting. Sharp words. Evil eyes. Loud vibrations.
What happened? I'm sorry but I must have missed something.

Operational error.
I/O device error.
Internet Explorer cannot find the web page.

One speaker kinda crackles if you turn it up too loud.

Oops, wrong words. I could have sworn I knew this song.
Great now my throat stings. WTF, did you get me sick?

Sometimes, it is best to take some time to yourself...
Not easy, but best. Damn you life. Sometimes I effin' hate you.

What are you going to throw at me next? Who am I going to lose in order to gain myself? What am I going to learn? What "great lesson" do you have planned? What common phrase, or feel-good saying to you have for me, Life? What goes around comes around? We create our own universe? Every storm cloud has a silver lining?

How about this one?

"Screw you."