Friday, November 26, 2010

Tomorrow is Saturday.

As obvious as that title is, I had to say it any way.

A few things: Chris makes the most delicious, and fattening mashed potatoes.
Celeste has officially sewn together a few hens' butts.
Matt is really adorable when he gets frustrated.
Jubs smells.
Vince curls up into a teeny tiny little ball to go to sleep, and rests his nose right in his butt, under the base of his tail. I can't say I get it. But I can say it's probably cold in this room.
It's been a good day.

My humor is often relatively dry and finds itself lost on people. It's a gurseift (pronounced gers-ift). Or, if you don't follow the word smash, it's a rare gift and also a curse. I can be offensive.

OK, I am offensive, but only slightly. Mostly I mean well... OKOK lies, I always mean well. I just have the unfortunate knack of stating the dry. Thanks Dad. I blame you.

Dad and I walk into a restaurant for lunch (long, long ago). Hostess leans over the podium and in a far-too-cheerful voice says, "Hello sir! How many?"

He doesn't move, aside from a genuine smile.

Calm as a molasses lake in winter time he says, "27."

She looks at me- somewhat exasperated. I say. "27, and they'll be here in about twenty minutes. How long will the wait be?"

It was just the two of us. Ah, good times.

Maybe this scene really did happen, maybe it didn't. It might have been a dream. My dreams are always really strange. Do you realize your dreaming, then take over to accomplish a goal? It's pretty crazy. The stuff I do in my dreams is the stuff I pretend to do all day when I'm awake (like kung-fu, swordplay, swimming, saving the world, that kind of stuff). I've never flown, but I have swam underwater, being able to breathe, many many many times. Oh those are my favorite.

A dear old friend (like we're 80 now or something) has been popping up in my dreams a lot. We almost died together, so I guess we're subconsciously bonded together forever. Or maybe we've been that way for generations?

You know what you got here? A genuine, no edit, write session. Hooray. I just realized that's what I was doing. It feels really nice, actually. Hopefully not too dreadfully boring for my visitors.

Honestly, I'm trying to get more people to read my writing. Is that so much to ask? You know what, it actually is. Here's the deal- I'm going to write from the heart, and if you like it read it, pass it on maybe, if you don't... suck it. I mean... that's fine by me. To each his own, and my own is a little bit like Heaven when I find the right words. Any one still with me?

I decided to put a chair under our window in the bedroom, since we moved the room around and the window is open. I like it. When I slouch on the chair (WHAT? Me? Slouching...? Well I never!) , my head sits about an inch below the sill. I can feel the cold from outside, and the warmth of the single light standing just above my head.

Matt just laughed in his sleep. Life is awesome. I am really glad I have found someone who loves life as much as I do. Who can find the best in everything and everyone. Though he gets lazy about it, he means well- and he does a great job trying. We are happy together. The title of this site "Always an Adventure" is inspired by him. He's helping me stay strong through rough times, and makes me laugh and smile. He's good at making me feel beautiful, and he laughs at all my jokes (well most of them, I think only Mike W. laughs at all my jokes... thanks Mike).

I guess what I am trying to say is there is only one giant chunk of my life sliding off the cliff right now, and I have to grow some strong vines, or find some serious cement to keep it from falling off permanently. Oh, with the metaphors. I'm good at it... so I do it.

What are you good at? I'm good at looking at the clock at 11:11, or 12:34, or 10:01, or... you get the idea. I'm really good at getting phrases or words stuck in my head. I barely ever get songs in my head- it's almost always a single word like, "emancipation" or a phrase from a movie, show, friend, or just me like, "Tulio and Miguel, Miguel and Tulio! Almighty and Powerful GODS!"

Oh phew. Good movie.

I digress, yes, I digress a lot. I like the word digress. It's one that has been stuck in my head before.

Am I writing my thoughts? Ya... I'm going to stop doing that now, and do some hunting for Christmas gifts online. Oh the joys.

Thanks for tuning in,