Tuesday, February 22, 2011

In the long run I should be thankful for job security- but then again being told that I CAN'T BE SICK, making it necessary to be at work when, let's face it, I'm generally freaking miserable.

I try to keep it to myself and dwell in my little sullen world... but no, this goes wrong and that has to change and oh what's that? Our server is FULL? Oh great, maybe if the one person that knew how to run the mirror/backup program wasn't conveniently busy with a multitude of other projects this wouldn't have happened.

OK OK, it's not a terribly big deal... so we work in different folders on different hard drives today, but I can almost guarantee chaos will ensue in the near future if things aren't put back together soon. Mostly because people get so caught up in other projects, organization of "old stuff" gets forgotten until it becomes a problem.

I love reactivity. Not.
I'm proactive, and big fan of those that are (NO not that acne medication give me a break).

Whatever, I don't think I should be here, but if everyone eventually gets sick I'll call it even. YES I'm that ticked, I am wishing sickness upon others. I don't normally do that- you know I'm usually all positivity, sunshine and happy thoughts. *gag*

Screw that, I want hot tea and my dark, quiet, solitude granting bedroom.