Monday, May 23, 2011

Close to Home

Ah yes, it's been quite a while since the clacking of keys has provided enough "release", so I haven't been writing.  It's a cathartic thing for me, and I pretty much only write when something is...well... at least I try to be... interesting.

On Sunday, my sister called me as I was just arriving at a friend's house for dinner.  The first thing I heard was, "Before you hear anything anywhere else, or see the news, everyone is OK."

I lifted my eyebrows and took the bate, "Wait, what? What happened?!"

As the details flowed I learned a HUGE tornado hit my sister's home town.  My Aunt Penny, Uncle Bill, and cousin Amy also live there... not to mention all their assorted loved ones and friends.

Thankfully, my family has not been hurt, but their house has lost its roof as well as all the contents of the home! Memories,  collectables, material items that have lived in that house for decades.  It is a genuine gift to have them safe and unharmed, but a heart breaking feeling to know they've lost so much so fast.

I feel so helpless watching videos of the devastation.  I am wrestling ideas around in my head wondering how in the world I can help... I am considering flying out there to volunteer with Red Cross or search and rescue teams.  I've just never been so close to, and so far away from, a disaster.   The empathy is inescapable.  I wish a was a kwabillionaire so I could immediately start rebuilding the homes lost.

....*sigh*.  I love you Family, I am so incredibly thankful no one has been hurt or lost in all this.  I am sending prayers and love, because for now- that's all I can do.