Friday, July 1, 2011


I have many fond memories of summer BBQ's throughout the years; camping, fireworks, that sort of thing... but one year something extraordinary happened, and it goes a little something like this:

Sitting on the base of the lifeguard tower was the best spot on that Independence evening, as the scattered humans along the beach hustled and bustled preparing to watch the Oceanside fireworks show.  We didn't need chairs, and our butts weren't going to get wet in the sand.  Hooray for that.

More than thirty, though I'd say less than fifty, folks filled into the moon shaped cove.  Chattering and laughing.  My partner in crime and I wiggled with impatience (and chilliness) when the inspiration to start singing our National Anthem smacked us in the metaphorical face.

We started singing, and within a few seconds over half the beach raised their voices and joined the melody.  I cried because it was so cool- and I was like 14.  What a sap.

Definitely one of the more emotional things I've ever been a part of.  Felt like a musical, without the dancing.  It was the scene where the main characters are going through a big emotional climax moment.  Know what I mean?

Ah, regardless-  HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!  T'is a beautiful world and nation we have.  Some of us may believe there is something better out there.  We all have our faults, and we all have our strengths.  Your perspective is the most powerful tool in your toolbox.  Change how you see yourself, your world, and your life- and accept that LIFE IS GOOD.  OK, now I'm just on a soapbox.  It's fun up here, short people need to stand on things to get their point across (or reach something in the cabinet above the oven).