Saturday, November 12, 2011


Trains of thought whistle loudly through my fears
Correct the reaction
Or take better action
Be positive in any way you can

Hm about that...

See? Ok I'm breaking from that freewrite.  Sometimes they come out really cool but I'm not feeling this one anymore.

Could be the real turbulence going on right now. Do you ever feel like exactly 2.5 seconds after you get one major thing finally figured out a whole new category of chaotic destruction comes your way? Sorry for all the awkward explanations- I'm in the mood for overly descriptive long and drawn out sentences.

Where was I? Oh yes, turbulence.

It's becoming more difficult for me to turn my negative thoughts into positive ones.  Generally, it's easy.  T'is possible the reason I'm struggling is because I realized I'm a negative person. BUT I spin things around to make them as positive as possible.


See? I don't really even care to share all this. I know in my heart everything is fine, I just need to keep calm and remember to live in the moment. 

I'm sorry there's no point to this entry.  It happens a lot here.