Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Evicted by Liars

Ah, misunderstandings. They can be fun, can't they?

Especially when they occur between honest people & liars.

Pretty much means it doesn't matter what valid points you have, or facts, it's not going to work out to benefit anyone.

Needless to say "you suck".

The next two weeks hold anxiety & I'm sure a fair amount of dirty trash talking & sabotage.  I can promise one thing: it won't be from us.

You, evil roommates, will get your karma. You will get it hard & slow, & we won't be around to blame for your terrible lives.  We will fight for our rights no matter what horrid things you wish to accuse us of (for example animal abuse & child harassment).

Please forgive my forthrightness, but: SCREW YOU TONY, IRENE, & RAILEEN.

Wow, I said it. Generally I like to take a deep breath and look on the bright side before setting anything in stone (or in this case glorified 1's & 0's) but here I am, unable to contain my frustration & hurt.

Our integrity is a value we hold most dear. We are trying our best to be GOOD people. No one deserves to be accused of ugly things, especially when there is no proof- just word vs. word.  And not to say that every 11 year old girl is a liar, but this particular gem definitely embellished to make us look bad, especially my "husband". Why should we care if this girl has no friends, spends all of her free time making a huge mess in the kitchen or on her butt, on the torn up couch playing video games rated M featuring violence, sex & cussing? Because she lies about us to her parents who eat up every single little word like she is an angel. I'm pretty sure she hates us because she hasn't been able to wrap us around her fat little finger like she has her parents.

Ah, it is what it is and it's a load of bull hoaky. We will be out of there soon enough, in the meantime I really hope they keep their mouths to themselves as we shall do the same. We've been quiet, respectable of their space & belongings, but no more. You said you want us to respect your house? Well we paid for our portion of the house & what goes around comes around, so be prepared.