Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Oh it would be nice.

::Crosses fingers::

I checked out a rental today down the street from my bestie. It's 1200sq. ft, 3 bed, 2 bath, W/ on and so forth.

-No yard
-Have to go up stairs to enter
-High school directly behind units
-Questionable first impression of neighbors
-Rent goes up after 7 months about $100 if we choose to stay
-Definitely lived in, heh.
-Bedrooms aren't really that big
-Rental. Bleh.

-HUGE 2 car garage
-6 mth lease, 7 mth free
-Super close to the mall, WalMart, food, etc.
-Bestie lives literally a block away
-We would have room for the pool table
-Dogs are OK!
-No inlaws, heh.
-3 bedrooms
-Lots of storage, wall, and floor space

Apparently there have been quite a few people checking it out in the passed few days. She said it's first come, first serve of course so the quicker we get our app in the better.

If we don't get this one- the one across the hall is opening up at the end of the month.

Please cross your fingers for us. This would be so perfect!!