Friday, February 29, 2008

A Wrench in the Works

So many ways to go.

I officially declined my position at Petco. I hadn't even started yet and I was given a HUGE run around, and my all time favorite, "Uhm...yes, I talked to thee... manager... and we don't pay for travel."

Hm. Right.

Now I wait to hear about the job interview. It went well. I believe as well as it could. I am concerned about my experience (or lack thereof) being the reason I am not consdered for the job. I hate that. I completely understand. I still hate it.

She told me it may be a few weeks before I hear back from her. As you can guess, I am hoping it's sooner than that.

Now- the "wrench" is this.

We had made the decision not to go this summer and do the whole -moving-to-a-new-city-and-living-in-an-apt-dealing-with-driving-far-and-commission-based-pay-thing.

We decided no because this year it is in Pennsylvania. That's just too far to move for 4 months and turn around to come back.

Plans may be changing. 70% chance I have been told. Sacramento.

That. Would. Be. Awesome.

So, for right now we are waiting to hear back about my job interview. If I get the job, we will stay. If I don't, and it's for sure in Sacramento, we will go.

We will come back with money to buy a house, too. That's the biggest incentive.

I can't get houses off my brain. I wish there was a way to know if the market would be better for buyers when we got back.

::shrug:: Oh well, I know that everything will work out and be the way it should be.

Oh! Oh! I had my first temptation for meat yesterday too. More precisely the morning. I was so hungry and didn't want to munch on something like a granola bar or toast. I wanted some taquitos.

I didn't eat them.

..but I think it's starting. Temptations are starting. The "oi vey's" are starting.

I will be strong. I will push through. ::sings:: I will survive!

Heh. I know, I'm silly. I just wanted something pretty simple.

I made nachos. They were Yummeh. They satisfied.