Tuesday, March 25, 2008

H*E*Double Hockey Sticks

Last night was Trevor's first night in a "big boy bed". OK, OK...it's not a big boy bed- but his crib mattress on the floor with a bed rail. Sure, he looks happy in this picture- but he had no idea what was really in store for him. I don't have any idea what compelled me to think he is ready to be in a regular bed... Oh wait...yes I do..

We won't have to take his whole crib to Sacramento. That's right. We're still crazy. Anyhoo... if you know my kid at all you are aware that some changes he does fine with but most changes are really hard on him. He is relatively OCD and things have to be the same or it throws his whole flow off. Last night was no exception to this.

It was, in a matter of words, living hell.

He was SO WOUND UP by the time it was 7:50p.m., he would not hold still. He wouldn't even sit on my lap in the rocking chair while I sang. Wiggle monster. At that point I KNEW it was going to be an eccentric evening.

I put him in bed the way I normally do and as quickly as I laid him down he popped up and started getting off the bed. I laid him back down. Up. Down. Crying. Up. Down. Up. Down.

It pretty much went like this for almost an hour. He started laying down for a little longer so when I would lay him down- I would immediately run out the door while he was balling and shut the door. I would scoop up the monitor and watch him. He would pop up and begin getting off the bed. I would run in, he would CRACK UP LAUGHING, and I would lay him down. He would scream, I would run out, etc...

He thought it was a big game of chase, then when I would lay him down he would scream. It was...fun.... NOT.

I started getting REALLY frustrated.

I wanted to ask Nathan to help, but he literally hadn't slept in 24 hours, and that shortens ANYONE'S patience. It would be cruel to try and get him to help.

So I pushed on. I tried, tried, tried, tried, to be patient.

Finally it got to the point I would spank his bottom (don't judge me if you don't have kids, or choose not to spank!) when he would step off the mattress, and even though he was crying because he didn't want to lay down- I would praise him if he was laying down.

After about 4 sessions he realized it was in his benefit to not try and step off the bed.

I sat there quietly, just far enough away he couldn't touch me if he reached out, but close enough for him to be comfortable. I stared at the wall, or had my eyes closed, just waiting for him to lay down. He would rearrange his animals, pillows, and blankets repeatedly. He would fuss a little, reach for me, say mommy, etc... but I didn't budge.

He finally got tuckered out enough to lay on his tummy, facing the wrong way of course, and almost started falling asleep. After almost 2 hours of attempting to get him to lay down, I could breathe again.

I let him lay there, fidgetting his legs and arms trying his hardest to stay awake, and when he slowed his movements a bit I got up with ninja-style quietness. I was about 3 steps from the door when a VERY LOUD **POP** came out of nowhere. MY ANKLE! ARG! Trevor poked his head up, wide eyed, and sat back up.

Here we go again. A few rounds of me laying him down, him fussing (by this time he was thankfully too tired to scream), rinse and repeat- he would not cooperate.

Then- a HUGE lightbulb went off. WHITE NOISE! Duh. For the winter we had a small heater in his room, practically always running, but now that it is getting warmer we took it out. It's still a bit too cool for a fan, so I just brought the heater back in and turned it on. Of course T was watching me do this, but he wasn't trying to get off his bed, so I let him be.

After it began he practically threw himself on his tummy and laid still.

I walked out, picked up the monitor, and watched him. He scooted around a bit, but eventually fell asleep. I was so tired, and just wanted to go to sleep myself.

Oi Vey. I woke up about 12 times through out the night- thinking about him getting up and out of bed. I would click the monitor on and there he was, sleeping. Still. Quiet.

::deep breath::

This morning he woke up at 8 (yeesh), but I wanted to see if he would stay put. I watched him over the monitor and sure enough, he just played and talked until I was ready to get out of bed. About 15 mins to 10! Haha. It was nice. I am so proud of him.

Although I didn't get a very good night's rest, I think Tman can handle his new bed.

We just put him down for a nap and he climbed right in, laid down, talked a bit, and asked for a hug and kiss. I obliged, and walked out of the room.

I watched the monitor and all he did was reposition so his head was at the foot of the bed (as usual) and went to sleep.

No fussing, no getting up, nada.