Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Night number two

Nathan and I read T a story (which he actually sat through the entire thing), then I told him to get in bed.

He did.

He laid down. I put his blankets and animals on him, then gave him a kiss.

He sat up and started playing with his animals. I decided to test him. We said goodnight, and our "I love you" 's and walked out of the door.

He was still sitting up when we left.

I clicked the monitor on, and saw him plop down. He is funny because he will get mad if we lay him down any where else but his pillow at the top of the bed but ALWAYS turns around after we leave to sleep at the foot of the bed.

Odd child.

Anyhoo.. after he plopped down he has not made a peep or sat back up.

Thank you, my wonderful child. You are truly a blessing. Only one night of sheer torture, so far.


On a side note- I almost got into a major accident on the way home from my training class about an hour away.

I was passing a pickup and a big rig. I was only going one mile an hour over the speed limit, and merged to the passing lane (turn signal and all) about 3 truck lengths before the pickup.

Well- as I was approaching the front window of the pickup- he was TAILGATING the big rig, and he just decided to start getting over to pass the rig. HELLO!?!?!?! I WAS THERE!!!!!!!!

It was so terrifying! He just kept coming over! DIDN'T EVEN LOOK!!! I downshifted and swerved a teeny bit. I didn't slam my breaks because at 76 miles an hour is hard to slow down quickly without having the people behind you freak out.

There were a ton of cars behind me. I am sure they almost hit me, too, but I have an AMAZING little car and it handles so well!! If I were in a bigger vehicle not only would I have hit the concrete divider, he would have hit me!

Arg! I HATE PEOPLE SOMETIMES! Then when I sped up to, of course, flip him off he didn't even look at me. Duh, why would he? So I leaned over the passenger seat, stretched as far as I could and held my lifted middle finger out the window for a solid minute. I made sure that I paced the A-HOLE too. I bet he saw it. I honked my horn and all too. I was so mad at him!!!

I was shaking like crazy, and had to call Nathan to get some of my nervous energy out.

I definitely had an angel on my shoulder. I kissed my finger and then placed it on the lil' black pegasus pinned to my roof liner. Thank you for watching over me!