Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Because of a wonderful conversation with my bestest last night- I decided to write a new "Things to do before I die" list.

...and I will be sharing it with you. As you know, things change- and so do the things we desire in this life. This list will undoubtedly mold and grow to fit the ever growing (and maturing?) me.

The list is in no preferential order- just listed as they come to me... also, there are some that are entirely up to fate and some that I can (and WILL) make happen. Duh.

1. Spiritual quest to Machu Picchu- preferably by myself.
2. Sky dive.
3. See my son marry his true love.
4. Have a grandchild or two.
5. Develop an entirely holistic lifestyle- with my whole family.
6. Learn American Sign Language, and be fluent.
7. Own my own business that is not based out of my home.
8. Visit Hawaii.
9. Visit Alaska.
10. Visit Australia, New Zealand, and all that :)
11. Own a piece of Tiffany's jewelry.
12. Invent something useful, even if my family are the only ones that use it.
13. Own a home.
14. Own properties that we rent out (or use for vacations).
15. Own a horse, or two.
16. Learn how to weld...and do it well.
17. Sell one of my paintings for more than $1,000.
18. Fly a plane.
19. Ride in a helicopter.
20. Swim with dolphins.
21. Visit Europe...with enough money to have a lot of fun.
22. Go on a cruise.
23. Meet my new niece, Elizabeth.
24. Shave my head.
25. Give up coffee (this kind of goes along with the holistic lifestyle stuff).
26. Give up caffeine (Ditto: number 25).
27. Ride a camel.
28. Change a tire all by myself (I know how... just haven't done it, lol).
29. See Trevor graduate high school, and college.

There is definitely more... but I realize this can get redundant or boring- seeing as some of them are quite obvious. Although, just because I can- here's a list of what I did want to do before I die that I have already done. Haha.

1. Get married to my true love.
2. Have a child.
3. Become vegetarian.
4. Save some one's life.
5. Be in a wedding (other than my own).
6. Own a car... actually own it- no payments.
7. Work at Disneyland.

Ooooh... gotta jet... the kid is awake from his nap. :) Time to go play.

::high five::