Monday, June 2, 2008


I have said it before- and I just might say it again... we'll see.

My kid is testing his limits. I know every child does it at this age, but he ONLY does it when we hang around other kids his age that get away with everything. I am not saying that the people..err... parents... I know are terrible or that they don't know how to control their child- but SERIOUSLY>> he only acts out like this after being exposed to other kids that are crazy!

It takes a day or two to get him back to "normal" and it makes me want to keep him away from all these crazy children. I am not going to prohibit him from social interaction (sheesh, what do you take me for?)- I will just have to buck up myself and hang on for the bumpy ride following the interactions. This makes me an awesome parent. I know, I'm conceited. LOL.

In all reality I wish I could keep him calm and behaved like he normally is... but where's the fun in that? How do I get to learn if he isn't teaching me?