Friday, July 11, 2008

I wasn't tagged... OH WELL!

I don't care much if I wasn't tagged for this. I can do it anyway ::giggle::.

Three Joys...
1: Spending time with Nathan and Trevor, together.
2: Taking pictures, or having pictures taken with Chelsea.
3: Cooking GOOD food!

Three Fears...
1: Cancer
2: Being stuck in the in-laws house for more than two months.
3: Death, of loved ones or myself- happening before a long happy life.

Three Goals...
2: Own a successful business.
3: Pay off our credit cards.

Three Current Obsessions...
1: Caffeine.
2: Netflix
3: My husband ::giggle::

Three Random Surprising Facts About Me...
1: I LOVE watching irises change size (or pupils, I guess... I watch the color not the black).
2: I HATE chewing gum and only use it as a serious last resort.
3: I think Jeremy Irons is beautiful. It's the voice. Oh, that voice....

Tag Three people to do this survey--
1. Karen
2. Casey
3. Kelsey

That's it. Have fun!