Friday, August 1, 2008

Find a Happy Place

Think of home. Your real home.

Think of comforting futures. Think of diligence, decency, respect.

Sit still for a moment. Close your eyes and take a long deep breath.

Open your eyes. You can still see.

Understand that it will work out for the best. It always does when you keep your head held high. Keep your thoughts half full. Keep the negative in perspective and don't let it overwhelm your senses.

You can see. You can hear. You can taste and smell. Most of all- you can feel.

Feel the wave of change starting slow at first, then building as it gets closer to your shore, and when it breaks you will be ready. You will hold strong against the crash upon your chest. You will not fall.

You will stand.

Take a deep breath.

You will stand.