Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Place

Matt and I have found a place to live! OMG what?

Anyway, we were in a flurry because it was almost impossible to find a place that's not an apartment... let alone a place without a deposit and doesn't care about dogs.

Well, fortune smiled upon us! Of course- it always does. A couple of folks I knew from Disney had a master room open up and guess what, they are all for the dogs and don't need a deposit!! Woohoo.

When we first saw the place it was VERY dirty! The shower alone was really gross and the kitchen was in shambles. We both knew it was our best option and really had no other choice (unless we wanted to stay in an RV, which wasn't awful by any means but certainly not something easy to maneuver around in with two puppies.). I know myself- and I know Matt- so we decided to take it.

We moved our stuff in yesterday and Monday. It's still in a pile in the middle of the room, but it's a start.

Last night, one of the roommates that was out of town when we saw the place, cleaned the kitchen. It's a million times better!! Our bathroom was also sorta cleaned. Hehe. I took a vacuum to EVERY crevice I could find and I still have some more to do but I am unmotivated right now. I have even scrubbed the bathroom floor and have plans of my own for the shower. I want this place clean enough for Trev to come and visit. I know it will be. The guys like it clean, they just need someone to start the process and then they help it move along (so I have noticed).

In other news Matt's out of town until Sunday. He's going to miss Trevor's birthday party which sucks, but he'll get to go to his little brother's party instead. Happy birthday Glenn(jamin)!

This will be our first time apart since we've been together (I know, I know wah-wah-boo-hoo-get-over-it), and I miss him like crazy already. We're magnets for each other. I haven't been as drawn to someone, not blood related, as I am him.

Hopefully I can clear my head enough to get some work done. I am hoping one of my friends will want to hang out or something (but they'll have to come to me, I have no gas money until Friday hehe).

As far as job hunting goes- it sucks. 90% of the places make me apply online. My resume isn't anything fancy. It's me that gets the jobs, not words on a screen or paper. I know that everything will work out as it should. I have a job opportunity (thankyou Brandon) in Corona but it's FORTY miles away from here. I literally just CAN'T do it.

I'm actually hoping for Disney again. I loved that job except for all the BS from management and the other people working there. I have grown up a great deal since I have worked there *gasp, really?* and I think things will work out. Plus I am in the best shape I have been in thanks to my winter extravaganzas.

Trevor's birthday is on the 16th!! He is going to be THREE! I am so proud of the little boy Trevor is. He is brilliant, and full of love. He is always forgiving. His memory is spectacular. He never wants me to leave so I know he still loves me no matter what. We'll work something out where I can have him over more, or see him more- just me and him. I know things in Alaska didn't work out for a reason. That reason? Trevor. Or at least that's what I think the reason is. It makes sense, but we can't really tell can we?

Gosh, life is amazing. Embrace it. Grow. Learn. Live. Love. Respect. Treasure. Most of all though? Be Happy.