Saturday, July 11, 2009

No, I Don't Feel Bad About It.

As far back as I can recall (we're talking childhood memories here) I have always wanted a big furry tail of my own. I think tails are a beautiful part of an animal's anatomy and I'm not ashamed to admit I have always been mildly jealous of animals with fluffy, soft, long tails.

Back in March I decided I wouldn't be ashamed of my fondness for tails, and tied a purple handkerchief around my back center belt loop. I have been growing more into the person I wish to be, and a large part of that is being comfortable in my own skin and being able to answer the question, "Why?" with confidence.

Why do I wear a tail?

Because I love it.

One of my favorite things is how I can feel the tip of the handkerchief lightly tapping my calves in a slow rhythm as I walk.

The point of this bloggity entry is simple (if you're hardcore anti-fur or a close minded fool please stop reading now because you may not understand where I am coming from). I am looking for a real tail. Something I can wear and be comfortable wearing. I understand that an animal has lost his/her life for the exploits of humans but how better to respect that animal than to LOVE, truly love, one part of its sacrifice? OK, perhaps sacrifice is the wrong word, but still... see what I am saying?

I happened across a few raccoon tails on my travels through Utah, but unfortunately they aren't long enough.

If it's weird, so be it. It's me and I like it. Nay, I love it. I love wearing my tail. Now, I just need to find one.

Thanks for tuning in. Feel free to berate me with hate if you think I'm awful. If you do- know that I will nod and respect you for your passion, but it doesn't change who I am, or my love for animals and my respect for those who hunt with purpose.

As with most professions, there are the folks who take advantage and the folks that truly feel they do the right thing. There people that Love what they do, and the folks that love them for being passionate.