Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Run Around

Sick of it.

When you're hired somewhere, generally you expect to start I right?

Not with thisplace apparently.

I was supposed to go in the afternoon on Tuesday to sign paperwork and make it all official. I showed up and apparently the general manager that hired me didn't leave ANY information about me to the other manager. I had my interview on Friday, June 19th. They told me to come and fill out paperwork on Tuesday June 30th. That in itself felt like a long time to wait.

So, when I went in to sign my papers, the manager told me they didn't have the hire packets and I would have to call the following morning to see when I should come in.

I did.

A not-so-nice lady told me I was coming in sometime next week.

Relatively devastated, I could only say, "Oh... Ok..." and hung up.

I called again at around 2:00pm and and was told that the GM is with his supervisor. Well, I told her to have him call me.

Which he did. I go in tomorrow at 2:00pm to sign my papers. I don't start work for a few weeks.

Ya, a few weeks. Awesome.

Effing stab in the heart.

...It's not like I really need the money or anything ::sigh::.