Sunday, January 17, 2010


Oh, to revert.

Once warm, now cold.
Once talk, now listen.

Once act, now wait.


The way life changes as years pass by is astonishing. Reflections of bad choices, good choices, and great choices.

I have been writing plenty, just on paper. I've written four real letters to assorted friends and... honestly haven't received a response yet. My latest was sent last week so I certainly feel I will get a response from it. ;) Truly a dying art form- the letter. Tell me, how happy do you get when you receive an envelope in the mail that doesn't contain a bill (or junk mail!)?

I move to bring back letters.

I would love to have a legit ::McHammerDance:: pen pal. Sending 3x5 photos and everything. Anyone with me?


Thank you to anyone out there reading through this and spending a few moments with "me".

Two of my New Year's Resolutions:
...Keep Rock/Paper/Scissors going strong
...Create something every few days


Thanks again for stopping by- let me know if you want to be my pen pal :D