Monday, March 7, 2011


WOW, what was that annoying noise? Oh right- ME!

I am excited, giddy, ecstatic even!
Tomorrow, I have my very first beginner ballet class :) :)
Consider me a kid on Christmas Eve with jittery giggles.

Oh, that and.... and...

(is the suspense killing you yet?)

wait for it....

I framed seven select pieces of my artwork, to be sold to the public! Ahaha! It's a fairly big thing for me for a few reasons. Mostly because being able to "let go" of my work is an extremely recent development. My goal was to frame nine pieces, but I broke one of the frames in transit from the store (what do you expect with me carrying that many frames, a cutting board, mat boards, and various other supplies from the store to my truck in the POURING rain hehe), and the other frame isn't the right size.

I cut all the mats by hand so they've got a little character, but they're not bad for my first time.

The drawings will be posted on, and I'll post a linkadee somewhere on the side of my blog- in case you'd like to take a peak. Even if you don't want to buy my art in particular, the website IS AWESOME for everything handmade (and some things vintage).

Thanks for stopping by! I'll say g'night with a little diddy:

A too rah loo
Skiddle bee poo
Dunkuh dora mora
Hi buh lu buh VOO!