Friday, November 6, 2015


Today, the third to last day of artcation... I finally got something accomplished!

Printed up preview pages of our coloring book and put them together in a folder to go hustle up some interest at local businesses =)

Remember there's still time to help us meet our print and launch goal! We've got a far way to go and time is closing fast. Please share and spread the love so we can kick butt and take names! Metaphorically speaking, of course.

For $15 donations, you will receive a downloadable version for your printing/digitally coloring leisure.

For $30, you'll receive a signed and professionally printed first edition copy.

For $40 you will get both!

Your donation will help us donate up to half of our books to therapy groups, retirement homes, adult care facilities, hospitals, and more. Plus, you'll be helping a local business launch itself into awesomeness!

Thank you for your time, enjoy your beautiful weekend and I will see you here again on Monday for some musings!

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Much love!