Wednesday, November 4, 2015


All day E & I have been mulling over what to theme Wednesdays on this blog.

We have a few ideas but nothing seems to stick.  So until we find a winner (Winning Wednesday? No. Hm...) I'll just post a work in progress... Wait...


Well, how about that?

Features today is a snap shot of the cover layout for our coloring book, releasing soon =)

Here's a link to our fundraisers page to learn more =)

Don't wanna link over? No worries- here's our nutshell:

We're local kick butt artists collaborating and creating a UNIQUE meditative coloring book. One that features fine art work, I mean... We've spent years honing our craft... We are still learning but these pieces are pretty awesome *toot*

Ah! Sorry can't help it I'm excited. Please enjoy!

Carry on <3