Thursday, May 22, 2008

Blonde Moment

I have been wanting to make my tuna salad for sometime now and the ingredients are as follows:

canned tuna
alfredo sauce
black pepper

I have been picking up the ingredients in bits and pieces for about a month, and usually one will run out before the other is picked up...

I went out and bought 5 cans of tuna (more than enough), and then about a week later bought 3 jars of pesto (just to make sure I wouldn't run out before acquiring the remaining ingredients).

Well, this morning I opened the fridge and saw the pesto. In a fit of joy I bounced over to the tuna and opened 3 cans. Oh I was so happy I could finally make my tuna salad.

See the blonde moment yet? Well, because I let my "joy" get in the way of...well... thought processes... I opened 3 cans of tuna in vain. I have no alfredo. I have no garlic. I have no onions.

It figures. Now I HAVE to go to the grocery store. I hate grocery shopping (hence the reason I didn't buy all the ingredients at ONE time...).