Wednesday, May 14, 2008

the decision

I have officially decided that my son's less-than-desirable-attitute as of late is undoubtedly caused by outside influence. My perfect little boy is now a crazy almost two year old.

He has been spending more time with other children and I blame them fully for his behavior.

There is no way my perfect little boy has the mind to think of such awful things (like head-butting mommy full force when she leasts expects it).

It's not his pure little soul that created such defiance. I blame it on other kids.


Ok, Ok...I just can't do it anymore. Did I have you going for a second or two? I hope so.

Anyway- the point is Trevor has officially become the two-year-old-brat. We don't give him sugar (in forms of candy, sugary drinks, etc), or let him get away with things- but yet-- there he goes banging his head as hard as he can on his wagon, grabbing cords, grabbing anything he can get his hands on from the counter....

Gosh I can't even begin to explain the attitude he has now...and I know, I KNOW, he gets it from me. Great.

::sigh:: This is going to be an interesting childhood.