Thursday, May 15, 2008

Near Death Experience?

No. Not really.

This morning I woke up to what I thought was eight bug bites. Before I knew it my thighs and elbows were itchy as all get-out, and red. I had hives.

Hives? Seriously- hives. I haven't had them since like 7th grade when I took penicillin. I didn't freak out too much... just had a really hard time NOT SCRATCHING!

So, after a trek to the pharmacy and slathering myself with Aveeno anti-itch, I still found myself getting more red, more puffy, and MORE itchy. I kind of gave up and decided to go rollerblading.

Audrie and I geared up, and headed to our new favorite trail. We didn't realize it had so many hills seeing as before we have just walked on it. She has issues going down the hills and going too fast, where as I- being so out of shape- practically lost my heart through my chest trying to go up the hills.

We were the team. Slow as molasses in winter. I was panting, bright red (not just from hives), and seriously about to give up. She fell once and after that we made it a deal to PRACTICE on a flat surface before attempting our trail again, heh.

Oh man. It was rough. Sometimes having hives from an unknown reason, going rollerblading in 92 degree weather when you are way out of shape, and climbing hills is not a good plan for the morning. I think I have learned my lesson.

It's now 9:19pm- and I still have hives. Ugh.