Thursday, May 29, 2008


What's the best way to spend a minute or two? Laughing.

OK- here's the story (which took place about 2 minutes ago).

Superbad (freakin' hilarious) ended and I started to reach for the remote when I heard **boom, thud, thud...** along with a little of Trevor whining. He wasn't crying- just a sort of loud fuss.

My supermom instincts wanted to calmly walk in to his room and make sure everything was alright. Guess what I did... Just that.

His room was pitch black so I flipped the light switch on. What do I see? A stunned, adorable little boy standing in the middle of his floor with a blanket wrapped around him. He looked up at me with his eyes barely open- it got very bright very fast in his room.

He just stood there, and I just stood there. I smiled and he fidgeted a bit but mostly he just looked up at me with the cutest furrowed brow and confused face ever. I chuckled.

"Did you fall out of your bed, my son?"

::Trevor nods::

I glided over to him and parked myself right in front of him. "Are you OK?"


"C'mere... " I wrapped him in my arms and he just sort of slumped there- like he was still asleep. Seriously, it was the cutest thing I have ever experienced. Heh.

I gently pushed him back up into a standing position and grabbed his wrists and wriggled his arms. "See! Everything is where it should be and working properly. Are you ready to get back in bed? No falling out this time- but if you do, I will come help you back up."

He looked over to his bed and very softly said, "Ya...".

I tucked him in and he laid there. So sweet and wonderful. His eyes glazed over but he tried to keep them open. I rubbed his head and looked at him. He was smiling. He smiled the entire time I was there looking at him. His eyes closed and I walked to the light switch. Took a deep breath- and flipped it off.

Then I called my husband who was (and is) thankfully on his way home from work.

Now, I am here writing this. It was so cute. So freakin' cute. I don't know how else to explain it.