Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Boy Wonder.

Tonight as I was wrapping up my good nights with Trevor, I stood up and began to walk away.

He said "Kiss nose?"

So I turned and leaned down, puckering up for a kiss on his nose.

"No, kiss nose?"

He was asking to kiss my nose! So I obliged. He smiled. As I straightened back up he asked, "Kiss eyes?"

Of course I am going to let him kiss my eyes. I leaned down over him and closed my eyes. He grabbed the sides of my face with his soft and perfect hands. Then he guided my eyes to his lips. He gave me two very soft kisses.

I opened my eyes and he was smiling very contently. As I was looking at him, he stopped smiling and very seriously asked, "Kiss eyebrows?"

I just about lost it laughing so hard. He laughed and I leaned down. He playfully grabbed my face and kissed each of my eyebrows.

In a jumble of words I explained that no matter how cute he is, I still have to enforce bedtime.

He didn't seem too thrilled, but laid still nonetheless. He let me pull his covers up and position Sibbee next to him.

The moment I took a step toward the door he was sitting up and asking for more kisses. I blew him a few and he blew some back... then... I said my final goodnight to him and walked out.

Oh man. I. Just. Love. That. Kid.