Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Now, here's the deal... of course I am having issues paying $4+ dollars for gas. You know what I am doing about it? Driving less!

Instead of driving to the park about a mile away- I walk, with Trevor! Yes, it's pretty hot outside and I am not in the greatest shape, but instead of aimlessly driving around I stay home or visit the park. What about those who "have" to drive? To work and such...well... my suggestion would be to either move closer to work before it really starts hurting, or get a new job (I know, I's not that easy). Sorry, I'm not full of answers. Just thoughts.

Here's another thing- I am an environmentalist. You see, I am not an extreme version of the like- but I certainly think that the Earth is more important as a whole than the immediate satisfaction of some greedy, lazy humans.

I disagree with drilling in Alaska's last untouched frontier to "search for oil." Ya, our supply of oil is extremely limited and we are suckling at the raw teet of some extremely arrogant foreigners. Maybe, just maybe, if foreign policies and treaties were handled differently in the past we would have been avoiding this current situation. OR WAIT! Here's an idea- maybe we (America) should have been proactive and establish an eco-friendly way to travel BEFORE we started crying out in pain. ::sigh::

What happened to the corn fuel phase? Why haven't electric or hybrid cars been more popular? Or heck, why won't people just use public transportation more?

The world, and by "world" here- I mean my world, is moving in a peculiar pattern. I feel like I have saved more energy in the passed 2 years than in the rest of my life combined. I have felt the change inside. The change that there are bigger things than my immediate satisfaction, and making myself feel comfortable.

Picture a life COMPLETELY without energy. No electricity, no grocery stores or Walmarts, no bakery, no butcher, no running water... no TV... for anyone.

Now how long would you (HONESTLY) last before going stir crazy, eventually turning into a monster- fighting for food and resources to save your family's life? Or your own life?

The first thing I would do? Before crying, before stressing out, I would gather my resources. This includes my and Nathan's knowledge of growing food. Most likely we would stay put in St. George. We would locate the nearest running water source- and if was a bit too far for riding a bike, pulling a wagon, or walking then a large still water source would do. That's important. If there's no plumbing for you and your family... you're going to need something to drink, cook, and clean with!

Hopefully, we will have a very decent supply of nonperishable food, water, and flashlights (with batteries...thank you LDS end of the world preparation!). It never hurts to be prepared.

So, I could definitely go on for pages about how to prepare for the inevitable doom of this world... but why? When most of you will not survive the first month anyway? Hah. I know. It's mean. But true.

Nathan and I have conversations about it. I think it's fun! We share ideas about how we would live, if we would be happy, and how long we would keep on going.

I don't know if you have read any articles about people who have purchased land and started building "homesteads" where they are completely self-sufficient. Growing crops, raising animals, and relying solely on their own means. Almost like the Amish. I admire their tenacity. I wish we could do something like that right now, but it takes a bunch of cash, a lot more knowledge than we currently have, and plenty of preparation.

You might think they are completely off their rocker- I love them. People so passionate about this Earth, about human lives, and progressing in a natural way. Phew. That is awesome.

Of course- I would be sad with out the internet, and movies, and well... electricity. Yet, as I imagine it I see wonderful paintings, hand made clothing, furniture, more children (to keep me occupied LOL), and a bunch of animals and plants, and crops... It would be a life like I have never dreamed. OK, that's a lie, of course I have thought about it.

I have even thought about being able to make an electric generator (here's an idea: SOLAR POWER!?!?) so I can still play Guitar Hero. Or, I could simply learn how to play a real guitar. Haha.

Thanks for making it all the way through my thoughts. Sometimes I know I can be "weird" but let's face it... that's why most of you love me so much HEHE.

::hug:: For those of you who love me- always know, I love you too. Always.