Monday, July 21, 2008

Good grief, USA....

Apparently a lot of parents are complaining that the movie, Dark Knight, was too violent and scary (in other words "DARK") for their children.

Let's take a step back here.

It's rated PG-13!!

Granted, the rating technically means "Parental guidance suggested for kids under the age of 13".

As a parent, a new-ish parent, I wouldn't let my child see a brand new movie of that rating unless I saw it first- and knew my kid could "handle" it.

My child isn't 13 yet, or anywhere close, so I may not have room to talk... and who knows? Maybe when that time comes I will be the drastically too busy parent who doesn't care to think about the previews of movies being relatively "dark" looking. Then take my child anyway.

I think I will take my two-year-old to go see Hellboy tonight.

::shrug:: C'mon folks, let's go damage some children!